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Fashion for me was always evident, being multicultural, traditions,
and different ways of thinking I was exposed at an early age to
a rich and colorful lifestyle, which I always somehow saw it as art.
My main inspiration came from WOMEN. starting from my mother,
I was always amazed by her tasteful scene of style and her elegant
movement; this interest widened when I grew up watching
a female artist at the time. Women with strong character, fire in their eyes,
a graceful poise, and a mesmerizing fashionable style. At the tender age of 10,
I was first brought face to face with my calling, after winning the city's national art competition.

This for me was the confirmation of what I can call my own. Of course, being a doctor or an engineer was already installed for me but I quickly realized that was not the life I was made to live. In my early adulthood, I traveled far from home to test my chances in the fashion industry.
I was not welcomed which made things complicated. Being new, young, and DIFFERENT.
Proving myself through my work became an ongoing event, from thé competition which allowed me to travel to Paris the source of fashion where I got my first job opportunity, to be in Vogue Italia, showcasing my creations and having my collection shown in an exhibition as a rewarding the best project of the year.

I DON'T BELONG TO YOU! will always be repeated as this is my message.
Freedom, Justice, Dignity, and equality between all people
regardless of gender, class, religion, and color are what I stand for.
Being an individual, mixing and molding contrast cultures together represents MIDO.
The main aim when you wear my clothes is to make feel empowered,
self-aware but DIFFERENT.   



Mido in his work shop                                Photo by Jihi

Gradution project of Academy of fine Arts                                Photo by K.P

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